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*When it comes to getting into shape, we all have those stubborn fat pockets that even the most intensive diet and exercise regime can't seem to shift. While liposuction, tummy tucks and other invasive and dangerous procedures are not a good option, market-leading Vevazz Fat-Loss technology with the Slim Line System delivers a totally new body contouring system and slimming results, in a non-invasive, pain-free and safe way.

*Our practice's Goal & Heartfelt Mission here at Marlton Laser Like Lipo is to create 1000 Medical Miracles in our community, by saving our clients from dying a horrible death due to the ravages of Obesity, which causes pre-mature Heart Attacks, Strokes, Diabetes, Metabolic Imbalances, Endocrine Disorders and Pain & Disability caused by Arthritis due to being Over-Weight. We are offering a Double Satisfaction Pledge way to lose the unwanted inches and excess fat. And we will assist them in achieving their ultimate ideal Inches-Off & Fat-Loss, something they may have only dreamed of can now become a reality. Even those clients who have never in their life known a time when they were younger that they could eat whenever, whatever and as much as they ever wanted and it not affect their weight - Well, that's what this brand new Gen4 Laser Like Lipo Light does for ALL of them, Double Satisfaction Pledge, Inches-Off & Fat-Loss! We are here to empower our clients to enjoy their lives by helping them conquer ALL of their health challenges starting with Inches-Off & Fat-Loss.

Dr Steve Scafidi DC is a Chiropractor, CEO and founder of Marlton Laser Like Lipo, and exclusive distributor of Vevazz Laser-Like Lipo Light treatment in this area. Dr Steve teaches seminars to other Chiropractors and Natural Health Care Providers, as well as gives workshops & lectures to area businesses and community based organizations:

*"I'm sure this product will be very successful, there is nothing like this at the moment" says Dr Steve, "This is the only treatment with a Double Satisfaction Pledge, results that is completely safe and natural. For those who want to lose fat quickly and even those who have tried diet and exercise in the past and not seen the results they've desired, or those who just want to spot reduce, Vevazz is an excellent option, without any side effects". The technology behind Vevazz was accidently discovered in 1994. It was originally designed to help with pain and inflammation (which it does quite well) and it was discovered that it could also cause fat loss.

*In 1986, Dr Steve Scafidi, DC became a Chiropractor and began his career right out of Chiropractic College in his own private practice. Steve started his journey opening his first wellness clinic in St. Louis, MO. He embarked on a quest to help people live healthier lives. In 1990, Dr Steve & Trudy his wife of over 33 years along with their 3 children returned home, and they have been back here in the neighborhood caring for and treating all of his family, friends and the thousands of people they've referred over the years. Steve wrote and published a book on health and weight loss. "The Ultimate Non-Diet! - 12 Secrets of Being Thin, Sexy and Slender for Life." He is currently working on another, "Healthy At 100, How To Be A Centennial - Today & Everyday Live Like No One Else, So Later On You Will Really Be Able To Live Like No One Else!" Steve's Grandmother lived to 102, his Grandfather to 98, the other Grandfather was 89 & smoked like a stack. His Father was nearly 90, shy by a month and he smoked as well, his new book will reveal their secrets to longevity.

*Early, right after Y2K, Dr Steve was first introduced to this Laser technology. And shortly thereafter he began studying, learning and becoming trained and certified to care for & treat his clients. Now with his brand new Gen4 Laser Like Lipo Light together with his perfect system he helps clients, who choose which level of care fits them & their budget create with a Double Satisfaction Pledge, Inches-Off & Fat-Loss and he is using it all in his ChiroSpa.

*Marlton Laser Like Lipo Light's team of medical specialists & Holistic Health Methods help their clients achieve their Fat-Loss and Body Contouring Goals. By using this most advanced Gen4 Laser Like Lipo Light and its perfectly tuned 660nm wavelength with a beautiful rouge colored light; it is exactly designed & calibrated to stimulate the underlying fat cells to open & release their contents, this is simply what happens with the Lipo treatments - it's Fast, Easy, Painless and Amazing - We have payment plans to fit and work with virtually everyone's budget. We strive to have no one go without their Lipo treatments here.

*In 2010, Dr Steve started teaching his clients the principles in his new book on how to be healthy ... . And now in 2015 with this Slim Line System which incorporates many different things, the latest technologies, simple common sense, and individualized programs we are helping clients literally & routinely lose an AVERAGE of 7-23 Inches every 42 Days, that is 2-8 Dress or Pant Sizes gone in just 6 Weeks! Sound too good to be true, well it's not, like we said it's routine.

*This may sound strange - We welcome the Skeptics, the Doubter, even the Critical, but most of all the Apprehensive and the Unsure, even the Leery .... "You'll come and see".... we always say, "Try it and let the results speak for themselves!" Realistically speaking we know, that once you experience what even just one session will do for you, you will like it.

*In 2011, The Vevazz Vision Weight-Loss Health & Wellness Programming was added to the Slim Line System. Vevazz is the latest and greatest technology in helping fight the battle of the bulge. Utilizing the Transformational Guided Imagery (TGI) and Creative Visualization & Relaxation (CVR) together these binaural (using both ears) sounds & light therapies both combined together speeds up the clients learning and helps them control their weight, empowers them to overcome it and gives them control so they will maintain much healthier lifestyles. As was quoted before, "....there is nothing like this...."

*Because our unit is Gen4 and it is a Laser-Like device, with its 20 paddle system it is more effective than traditional non-invasive lipo laser machines - but yet safer at the same time. And as Dr Leonard Grossman MD, plastic & reconstructive surgeon stated unequivocally on Dr Oz recently, 'I've been doing plastic surgery for over 20 years, by means of liposuction...(Laser Like Lipo Light treatments) works as effectively in removing unwanted fat and is as good as liposuction!' But it's much faster, zero-downtime, zero-surgery, zero-drugs, zero-pain, and absolutely & completely safe, I would say it's BETTER!!!! Wouldn't you?

*Double Satisfaction Pledge, Inches-Off & Fat-Loss, with that it is extremely satisfying & rewarding to know we are caring for each and every one of our client's needs. Our office is well appointed with the most modern & effective Treatment Techniques, Equipment & Holistic Methods .... We offer our patients Special Individual Dietary Advice & Nutritional Counsel regarding The Best & Fastest approaches to achieving their Inches-Off, Fat-Loss, Health and Wellness Goals. Accordingly, our staff under the directorship of Dr. Steven J. Scafidi, D.C., led by Trudy our Office Administrator, Margo Ardan, BSN, our resident registered nurse and who heads up and is our client care & treatment specialist, along with all the technicians in our facility, they are all certified and have been trained by SlimLine System, the entity that manufactures the Vevazz Laser Like Lipo Light used during your Lipo Laser Sessions. Each and every one of us are excited and very proud to be a part of our clients' success!

*In addition to administering the Vevazz Lipo Laser Body Slimming Treatments, the doctor, clinician & counsellor along with the fat-loss expert technicians lead clients thru our four-step program that involves: the Lipo Laser treatments; Cleanse / Detoxification / Nutritional program; Joint Preserving, Mild to Moderate 10 to 20 minute 500 Calorie Exercise Integration; and Motivation is provided by the revolutionary Vevazz Vision Programing which corrects the clients emotional & mental weight-loss prospective at the same time enhancing their Health & Wellness point of view, which also includes individual 1 on 1 Counseling addressing client's personal Nutritional needs, Dietary requirements & Habits, and for those who choose a more advanced level of care & treatment there is available guided Group Discussions, Interaction & Accountability to address any other Inches-Off, Fat-Loss, Health & Wellness Lifestyle needs & challenges.

*You can rest assured, take the treatment, follow none, some, or all (we encourage you to follow all) of the only 11 simple suggestions / recommendations and you will be in awe to once again be able to fit into your favorite clothes you now call your skinny jeans or that skimpy little black dress. Please know this, both Margo & Trudy along with the other technicians, clinicians & counsellors have all undergone and received great results from the Lipo Laser, even including Dr Steve as well! Feel Free to ask them, they would be delighted to share with you their amazing results & to give you their personal story & experience with this most advanced non-invasive treatment method. Moreover, Dr Steve knows very well what his clients are going thru, because he himself was 320LBS at one time and can fully relate.

*Briefly and in summary here are some of our standard recommendations for care here in our office - they include, but are not limited to: 18 Laser Like Lipo Light Treatments, 3x/week over 6 weeks; along with The Vevazz Vision Weight-Loss Programming each visit; Mild, Moderate & Intensive Detoxification / Cleansing is offered to each client, mild to start increasing as they can tolerate; For the more Advanced Programs i.e., The Platinum / Elite & Concierge Weight-Loss client packages we offer Detox & Restorative Cellulite Removal Wraps; we also provide ALL of our clients at every Level including Bronze & Silver during their Inches-Off & Fat-Loss Programs, PH & Electrolyte Mineral Enhanced Filtered Water for daily consumption, i.e., 1/2 of their body weight in water drunk every day to help wash, rinse & flush-out ALL the excess fat & toxins that are being released by the Lipo Light; also, to jumpstart your Inches-Off & Fat-Loss we ask our clients to undergo our Joint Preserving Exercises via Vibration Platform - Mild Lymphatic Stimulating 8Hz @ 9 minutes, next Moderate Muscular Challenge 16-20Hz @ 18 mins this is the 500 calorie burn level, then to progress to a more Intensive Anaerobic Isometric Activity 20Hz+@ 20-40 mins and/or Weight Lifting - This seriously burns fat in a significant way, yet remains rather safe for most clients; The Program in a Nutshell - "The Food & Exercise Journal" is for All 6 Package levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Elite & Concierge) incorporates your very own Personal Metabolic Type Analysis which assists you making the very best food selections and helps keep you on track - It's your choice if you choose a more Advanced Program Package, i.e., The "Platinum" Level includes, Paleo Eating via the "PerfectMealPlan" guidance, The "Elite" Level includes that plus Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo's, Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type Diet advice, & The "Concierges" Level is the very best dietary habits & recommendations counseling including Meal Prep & Delivery; For most all of the clients at every level requires some serious Nutritional Supplementation i.e., Omax3 Essential Fatty Acids, The 90+ Chelated Trace Minerals from either Bone Marrow (Hydroxyapatite) or Ocean Coral Calcium which includes ALL the correct Vitamins in the right proportions necessary for proper absorption - These all can be either ordered or we suggest The Nutrition Works Store in Medford at Jackson on Stokes Rd., (Rt541) - They are an excellent resource for the health conscious individual, besides they extend an instore discount to all our clients!; For the Advanced Levels we offer Facilitated Individual & Group Discussion & Accountability sessions, if and only if you feel that you are ready and are able to handle this type of interaction, we find this type of peer to peer meetings extremely helpful in most cases; additionally, our treatment is focused primarily on our clients Overall Health Status (OHS), Dietary Concerns, and their Neurological State, in other words because your nerves control everything in your body we want to know how they are doing how are their Nerves functioning in regards to their Spinal Column, as it is expressed thru the client's Spinal Column, specifically, how are they functioning with regards to your Spinal Biomechanics and because of our expertise, experience & training we can help our clients with these concerns.


*Results May Vary. We used to do laser - and now do Laser-Like Lipo - and the results are just as good if not better, and it is safer. So there may be a place or two where "laser" is still used - but it is now laser-like.


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